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I have just watched a report on Sky news connected with the Manchester bombing, normally I take whatever I see on the news with a healthy dose of salt but this one got me thinking.

The reporter went through the ‘evidence’ they had collected on an area of South Manchester pointing to the number of young men from one particular street who had gone on to fight in Syria (yes that again, 4 years on).  If all this information is so widely available why haven’t the authorities acted?  Especially in respect of these people coming back into Britain?

I believe this stems from a reluctance by authorities in this country to confront ethnic communities.  I do not understand why we are so afraid of offending these communities.  Most of them are law-abiding and do not wish to be associated with these murderers.  So why are we afraid of a small minority of a small minority of the British population?

I say to the government that they must confront the issue of radicalisation head on and stop pussy-footing around the issue before more of our children are murdered in this way.




Why is the BBC hell bent on sending us into a war against Syria? This civil war has claimed thousands of lives already but we should not go to war. Killing never solved any kind of problem, it just leads to more killing. But both media and government seem so gungho on the subject. Yes it does seem as if chemical weapons were used BUT WHO USED THEM? It seems crazy to me that Assad would order their use as he would have known that world reaction would be one of horror. As Lord Own said this morning we do not know which side used them and until we do we should keep up pressure for a stop to the fighting on all sides. I am horrified at the way the BBC are reporting this story, it seems they want another Iraq to report on.