The media in this country seem to have developed an unhealthy intolerance towards the Christians of this country.  Normally like most Christians I’m too tolerant to confront this but I’ve now had enough.  Tim Farron resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats because he was hounded by the media regarding his views on homosexuality.  It’s typical of the media who seem hell bent on marginalising anyone who doesn’t like the idea of homosexual practices.  Whether or not the bible says it’s a sin doesn’t really matter, if you have a personal view then it’s your business.  I’m old-fashioned enough to still think that your sexual behaviour is your private business.  I don’t introduce myself as a heterosexual (it’s not anyone else’s business) but I’ve frequently had people get the phrase ‘I’m homosexual’  (ok they use the word ‘gay’ which I refuse to accept), within the first five minutes of meeting them.  Get this – I don’t care – you don’t shock me and it’s irrelevant to me.

Back to Tim, he refused to say whether he considered homosexual sex a sin because it was his personal view not anything to do with his politics.  Let’s not forget the Liberal Democrats were in the government that legalised same sex marriage (not in .either parties manifesto!).  The media have a dual fixation with homosexuality and the Muslim religion, if you disagree with them on either you are publicly shamed as being prejudiced.  Isn’t their attitude just as prejudiced?

We are increasingly becoming persecuted and marginalised if we express any opinion which goes against that of the media.  A mainly London based elitist group of people who unfortunately have far too much power to break up society instead of aiming at a cohesive whole.  It seems to me that the media is the only part of British society that has free speech.