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I have just watched a report on Sky news connected with the Manchester bombing, normally I take whatever I see on the news with a healthy dose of salt but this one got me thinking.

The reporter went through the ‘evidence’ they had collected on an area of South Manchester pointing to the number of young men from one particular street who had gone on to fight in Syria (yes that again, 4 years on).  If all this information is so widely available why haven’t the authorities acted?  Especially in respect of these people coming back into Britain?

I believe this stems from a reluctance by authorities in this country to confront ethnic communities.  I do not understand why we are so afraid of offending these communities.  Most of them are law-abiding and do not wish to be associated with these murderers.  So why are we afraid of a small minority of a small minority of the British population?

I say to the government that they must confront the issue of radicalisation head on and stop pussy-footing around the issue before more of our children are murdered in this way.




So an idiot from the people who call themselves Muslims (they aren’t, Muslim beliefs included treating human life with respect) decides to blow up children after a concert in Manchester last night.  Honestly I wonder how this man came to be so full of hate that he did such a cowardly and despicable act?  We do not know much about him as yet, though I’m sure the media in this country will make sure his name and everything about him is known.  Apparently  he carried identification so if it was his this man was born and raised in this country with all the freedom and privileges that gives.  In return he does something like this, blowing an 8 year old to pieces.  He wasn’t mentally ill so don’t anyone dare say that, he was???????? What?  words fail me when it comes to a person who would do such a thing.  I hope he rots in hell, or as my husband frequently says that the virgins waiting for him are all men.

Well done to the emergency services who acted with such courage to help the injured.

RIP to all those who died in such an awful way.