Slightly concerned that we had post delivered for our neighbour but none for us, I wondered if someone else had ours.  When I phoned Royal Mail to complain a very nice lady asked for my postcode and house number then asked if I was Jennifer Collier and checked she had my phone number correct on their system, they did but we are ex-directory so where did she get the info from?  It makes me wonder just how much information is held by organisations.  A few years ago I was too ill to go and vote in the local elections and we received a letter from one of the councillors asking why we hadn’t voted and added that no one on our street had voted either.  They check off your name and add the number of the ballot paper you are issued, so much for secrecy!


We are watching the third Ashes Test match today, fourth day in Manchester, the weather forecast isn’t good and this Test has turned into a tactical battle rather than the exciting (even for me!) previous matches.  I don’t normally go in for watching cricket but with my other half at home for most of this summer I don’t really have much option as the TV is on in the room where I do most of my artwork.  Still the 20 20 matches have been interesting and just maybe it’s yet another sport to watch though my first love will always be football.  It’s been a good year for sport with the Olympics last year carrying on the interest to women’s football, tennis, cycling and even rugby.  My other half says we pay for the extra Sky sports channels so we may as well get our monies worth!  With the new BT Sports channels up and running the next few months look interesting.  So it looks as if I will have something to watch with all this sport, recorded programmes, on demand TV and catch-up TV for the days when the pain makes movement too difficult.  Of course it also means there isn’t much time for housework!!

I’m just starting out on my blog adventure so bear with me.

The last couple of years have been ones of drastic change in my life but I’m not going to bore anyone by going through them here.  Suffice it to say I’m coming to terms with my new life and hopefully will be able to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to but never had the time.

I’m interested in what’s going on in the world around me, I don’t think I’ve every got past the stage where I want to make a difference and believe it’s still possible for an individual to change the world (is that good or just silly?).  After all though we are all individuals with our own agenda if enough individuals with similar agendas get together change must follow.

I love art, doing it not just looking, and tend to have somewhat old-fashioned ideas of what should be called art, be it painting, sculpture or any kind of mixed media.  Theatre is great, in the last few years I’ve enjoyed a variety of forms from  Shakespeare to the Hairy Bikers.  My musical tastes are just as varied, I can easily sit and enjoy a Verdi opera or a ‘pop’ concert.  I guess I don’t really fit into any particular box.  In politics I can veer from fairly radical to downright conservative, it all depends on the issue.  Women’s place in the world, environmental issues, hatred of violence and just plain fed-up with the ‘politically correct’ way this country of my is run are all things that tend to get me agitated.

My family life is important to me, it should be important to everyone but that doesn’t seem to be the case these days.  I have a couple of dogs, one eleven years old and the other just a puppy.  Other than that I live a pretty ordinary life.