Some celebrity voiced his opinion on slavery and has been roundly slapped down and vilified.  This is what happens in the UK today.  Personal views that are not in line with minority opinion and what the media says is acceptable are silenced or subjected to ridicule.  I’m fed up with it!!!!!


Let’s start with Windrush. People from the West Indies were invited over in the post-war period to help fill positions previously occupied by those who had fallen in WW11. In an unfortunate oversight of the Labour government of the day no documentation of their right to stay in this country was given to any of them. Many continued to hold their Jamaican passports which enabled them to travel abroad.
In 2013 Britain was undergoing a crisis with the number of illegal immigrants entering this country and using Legal Aid to take court action to remove them when discovered. The government had to act and brought in various measures to make life more difficult for those people here illegally. A much needed and popular measure which obviously had the right effect but hit the so-called Windrush generation too. This was mainly because assuming, incorrectly that they needed no documentation to prove their right to stay in the UK had never bothered to address the problem.
The media and the Labour party hyped up this matter to the extent we have now lost a valuable and able member of the government in ex-Home Secretary Amber Rudd. We
now have a new one whose parents are from Pakistan, a move I feel is stupid given the problems we are experiencing with Pakistani origin men abusing young girls. But the media is happy and in this country that’s all that seems to matter.

The media in this country seem to have developed an unhealthy intolerance towards the Christians of this country.  Normally like most Christians I’m too tolerant to confront this but I’ve now had enough.  Tim Farron resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats because he was hounded by the media regarding his views on homosexuality.  It’s typical of the media who seem hell bent on marginalising anyone who doesn’t like the idea of homosexual practices.  Whether or not the bible says it’s a sin doesn’t really matter, if you have a personal view then it’s your business.  I’m old-fashioned enough to still think that your sexual behaviour is your private business.  I don’t introduce myself as a heterosexual (it’s not anyone else’s business) but I’ve frequently had people get the phrase ‘I’m homosexual’  (ok they use the word ‘gay’ which I refuse to accept), within the first five minutes of meeting them.  Get this – I don’t care – you don’t shock me and it’s irrelevant to me.

Back to Tim, he refused to say whether he considered homosexual sex a sin because it was his personal view not anything to do with his politics.  Let’s not forget the Liberal Democrats were in the government that legalised same sex marriage (not in .either parties manifesto!).  The media have a dual fixation with homosexuality and the Muslim religion, if you disagree with them on either you are publicly shamed as being prejudiced.  Isn’t their attitude just as prejudiced?

We are increasingly becoming persecuted and marginalised if we express any opinion which goes against that of the media.  A mainly London based elitist group of people who unfortunately have far too much power to break up society instead of aiming at a cohesive whole.  It seems to me that the media is the only part of British society that has free speech.

I have just watched a report on Sky news connected with the Manchester bombing, normally I take whatever I see on the news with a healthy dose of salt but this one got me thinking.

The reporter went through the ‘evidence’ they had collected on an area of South Manchester pointing to the number of young men from one particular street who had gone on to fight in Syria (yes that again, 4 years on).  If all this information is so widely available why haven’t the authorities acted?  Especially in respect of these people coming back into Britain?

I believe this stems from a reluctance by authorities in this country to confront ethnic communities.  I do not understand why we are so afraid of offending these communities.  Most of them are law-abiding and do not wish to be associated with these murderers.  So why are we afraid of a small minority of a small minority of the British population?

I say to the government that they must confront the issue of radicalisation head on and stop pussy-footing around the issue before more of our children are murdered in this way.



So an idiot from the people who call themselves Muslims (they aren’t, Muslim beliefs included treating human life with respect) decides to blow up children after a concert in Manchester last night.  Honestly I wonder how this man came to be so full of hate that he did such a cowardly and despicable act?  We do not know much about him as yet, though I’m sure the media in this country will make sure his name and everything about him is known.  Apparently  he carried identification so if it was his this man was born and raised in this country with all the freedom and privileges that gives.  In return he does something like this, blowing an 8 year old to pieces.  He wasn’t mentally ill so don’t anyone dare say that, he was???????? What?  words fail me when it comes to a person who would do such a thing.  I hope he rots in hell, or as my husband frequently says that the virgins waiting for him are all men.

Well done to the emergency services who acted with such courage to help the injured.

RIP to all those who died in such an awful way.


I’ve just rediscovered this blog, wonderful now I can write about my thoughts and post pics of what I’m up to.  Maybe it will be daily, maybe it will be infrequent but I’ve promised myself I will make some sort of contribution.

There are so many things going on that really make me want to shout out and maybe this is the place to do it



Why is the BBC hell bent on sending us into a war against Syria? This civil war has claimed thousands of lives already but we should not go to war. Killing never solved any kind of problem, it just leads to more killing. But both media and government seem so gungho on the subject. Yes it does seem as if chemical weapons were used BUT WHO USED THEM? It seems crazy to me that Assad would order their use as he would have known that world reaction would be one of horror. As Lord Own said this morning we do not know which side used them and until we do we should keep up pressure for a stop to the fighting on all sides. I am horrified at the way the BBC are reporting this story, it seems they want another Iraq to report on.